We've not recognized Danny in his grey magic coat

by The Syters

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released January 16, 2014



all rights reserved


The Syters Saint Petersburg, Russia

THE SYTERS is a hurricane for your tranquil mind! At the shows, guys conduct trepanation of souls through powerful energy and rage of their songs! They will run you across a storm of their own feelings and lift you up to the long – awaited light! ...
THE SYTERS performed on the same stage with bands such as NORMA JEAN (USA), FALL OF MINERVA (ITA), 5DIEZ (RU), GRIZZLY KNOWS NO REMORSE (RU) etc.
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Track Name: Phony War
Every day I get up
Under the flag I hate
It always laughs and doesn't care
It is the worse thing, that we have maiden

Now we are suffering from this trend
I've lost my mind in their deceptions
God won't get the letter you've sent
He doesn't want to see any exeptions

So put your heart on the altar
You don't need it any more
Every year we become older
Nobody wants to be the wize mentor

I have an axe to grind
To shut the stable door
The world hates us, it is not kind
I'll cut my veins with a bone saw
Track Name: Stagnation
Hey God, I've lost in your wisdom
Can you hear me at last
Protect, protect your kingdom
We are so tired to be aghast

Someone ordered to go forward
We're too blind to avoid this
So selfish, we need to reword
The textes of our lives

We are your awful eyesore
We are unloved kids
We didn't deserve any grace
We're even worse than squids

Imposibility of creation
Opportunity to pull all down
Everyone feels a great stagnation
I wish someday I drown
Track Name: Owls & Satyrs
We have been lost at the shallows
But now we have a chance
To find ourselves
To find ourselves
In the day when the saint hallows
Shine in every church
We find ourselves We find ourselves

Turn a look to the South
Separate your thoughts from the sand
Turn a look to the North
Separate your thoughts from the snow
Turn a look to the East
Separate your thoughts from the dirt
Turn a look the West
Separate your thoughts from the wind

But wild beasts of the desert
Shall lie there
And their houses shall be full
Of doleful creatures
And owls shall dwell there
And satyrs shall dance there

And wild beasts of an islands
Shall cry in their desolate houses
And dragons in their palaces
And her time is near to come
And her days shall not be prolonged
Track Name: Ipra
Blessed be His most sacred heart
Blessed be His most precious blood

I've seen them in the dead landscapes
I've heard them. The ghosts of the past

Now I'm about to know
Our days are numbered

Yellow crosses blossom
Every which way
Birth agony
As old as the hills

Cursed be their most common acts
Cursed be their most common visions